Payment Method Edit

All the shipment methods available are listed in the Payments Payments methods list.

steps to create a new payment method

Payment methods are based on the payment plugins you have installed in your system.  They are used to create and manage the interaction with the payment methods in your store.

  • Go to the Payment Payment methods list
  • Click New or check an existing method from the list and click Clone payment.
  • The Payment Method Information tab is displayed.
  • In the Payment Name field enter the name of your payment
  • Set the Published radio button to Yes
  • In dropdown Payment Method select the payment method you want to create
  • In the top toolbar, click Save. This will load the configuration parameters into the Configuration tab for the Payment plugin type you just selected.
  • Go to the Configuration tab, and configure the parameters for the Payment method.
  • Click Save & Close or Save.
  • Your new Payment method is now avalable for use in your store.

NOTE: You will have to work closely with your Payment Services Provider to ensure you configure your payment method correctly. If you purchase a payment plugin from a third party provider - please ensure it is compatible with the version of VirtueMart you are using or are upgrading to.

The screens for the VirtueMart included payment plugin are shown below.


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