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Country Edit

The screen you see when editing a Country along with a description of the fields and their purpose is shown below.

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Country Reference Name

The country reference name is the country name stored in the database. 

In parenthesis, is displayed the country name in your website language. The translated country name uses the Country 3 code.
The country reference name will be used, if no translation exists for this country in the language file.

The language file containing the translated country names is located :



The Country published state.

If you do not want to ship to some countries unpublish them, and the country will not be displayed in the country list when entering the Billing or Shipping address.

Country (3) Code, Country (2) Code

These codes may be used by shipment methods and/or payment methods. Use the ISO 3166 country codes.


The sequence order that the countries will be displayed in drop down listings - low to high.

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