• Virtuemart 3.4 prepare for the future

    This release is now ready for all our VirtueMart users. Due to the wide ranging changes we have made to underlying core functions and the removal of old VirtueMart and Joomla compatibility (which was weighing things down and slowing future developments), we have taken more time putting this release together than usual. Initial feedback from our beta testers has shown us that it has been worth the extra effort and time that it took. Here are some highlights:- Improved core - VirtueMart core now...

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Second we have "Coupons" (87 votes). What a good feature it would be...and we all are still waiting for a reply to a post on this thread. Ericthewebguy wrote that he has a "dirty" coupon hack. Well - even when it's "dirty" - it could be useful and we simply clean it up.

Places 3-5 are close together: Multiple Currencies & Converting (75 votes), Product Datasheets (74 votes), pdf-Output (74 votes). I scheduled Multiple Currencies & Converting for a later major release. Although it's important, it's a feature which is not needed by smaller businesses. Product datasheets is a feature that maybe can be put together with an Image Manager to have a Media Manager for mambo-phpShop. You could easily manage all images and documents that are releated to a specific product. That would be the best solution....!? pdf-Output is not as complicated as it seems. I think I can write an integration script using the fpdf/html2pdf classes for that.

Product Counter/Meta Description (43 votes) is the last of the listed features. Although it's a helpful feature, it's not that important for managing the Shop.

These poll results will help me build up a Roadmap for mambo-phpShop.

Anyone of you, who

  • is able to write some code snippets,
  • is having good ideas how to implement a feature and
  • already has written scripts/code for one of the features mentioned above
is strongly encouraged to post his code to the forum or send modified files to my email address (see in Mambo Backend -> Component List -> mambo-phpShop). mambo-phpShop has 52.454 downloads from mamboforge.net PLUS 18.436 downloads from mamboportal.com. It's sad to see that so many people are using this component, but the community still not is as vital as I would wish.

Interesting fact: a lot of guests used the Free Text Field to post wishes for features that are already integrated into mambo-phpShop such as downloadable goods support, SEF support and so on.

Please view the results here: Results.



In the last 4 months has improved greatly and is stable, there are many new and interesting extensions that enhance its functionality. Congratulations to the team. 
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