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A list of all the orders placed by your customers.

The searchfield looks in the BT and partly the ST addresses of the customers.

Bulk Orderstatus sets all checked orders at once to the new status. Be aware that "Bulk orderstatus" uses the options set in the line, not the ones set in the row per order

Update Order status Executes the set order status for the selected orders. Uses the options set in the row of the selected order.
Delete Select one or several items and click on this button in order to delete them
Help The help screen appears

Sort by clicking any of the headers.

Order Number

The unique number assigned by your store for the order.


Name of the shopper who has placed the order.

Payment Method

The payment method selected by the shopper.

Print View

When clicked, the current page will open in a new popup for printing the invoice of the purchase.

Order Date

Date the order was placed.

Last Modified

Date the order was last modified.


Indicates if an order got paid. When the paid amount is exactly the order total amount, then the "paid" toggle is green. You can manually toggle an order here. Toggling works only, when the paid amount is either zero or exact the order total amount. Partially paid order should be edited manually.


You can change the status of the order here. Status is assigned by your store after a customer places an order such as PENDING so you can easily sort the orders for processing. Default statuses are Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded and Shipped.

Add Comment

Here you can enter a message to your shopper or yourself.

Notify Shopper?

When checked, the shopper will be notified of the change in order status.

Include this Comment

When checked, the message entered by you in ADD COMMENT will be sent along with the notification.


The total value of the order.

Order ID

The unique ID of the order.