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{tab=Product Information}

Product Information Section

Must select YES for Published or the product will NOT appear in your store, and must enter a Product Name. All other items are optional or will be filled in for you by VirtueMart.

Product Pricing Section

Enter the Cost Price (price the customer will pay) and optionally select the currency. The other two items (Base price and final price) are calculated by VirtueMart.
Pricing Rules Overrides Leave blank if the item is non-taxable. If the item is taxable, select "Apply default rules" or select a tax rule you have created in PRODUCTS - Taxes & Calculation Rules.

  • Cost Price: your product price in the currency listed
  • Base Price: is the cost price converted into the vendor currency.  If you are only dealing with one currency, then this is the same as the Cost Price.
  • Final Price: is the Base Price with any additional rules/margins/etc applied.
  • Override: if you wish to temporarily add a discount to a product, click on the checkbox
  • Tax: Apply your default tax rules, no tax rules, or a specific tax rule. The taxes listed are defined in Taxes & Calculation Rules 
  • Discount Type: Apply your default discount rules or no discount rules, as configured in your “Taxes & Calculation Rules” in the left hand sidebar.

Parent & Child Products Section

Coming soon.

Internal Note Section

Write a note to other administrators or yourself which will not be seen by customers.

{tab=Product Description}

Short Description

A short blurb to be used on category pages or in other boxes to help the customer decide if they want to click to see the long description.

Product Description

Describe how the product looks, feels, tastes, weight, size, etc. so the customer can understand exactly what the product is. It's easy to get writer's block here, so use stores you have already purchased from as an example of what to write.

Meta Information Section

Custom Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots and Author are all hidden codes that can be used by search engines to understand and find this product better.

{tab=Product Status}

In Stock

You can use this box if you wish to keep track of your inventory. Count how many pieces of product you have in stock.

Booked, ordered products

These are items that have been purchased (booked) by customers but have not been marked shipped. Leave blank for VirtueMart to calculate this for you.

Low Stock Notification

This box is used to send a reminder mail to you when your product is about to run out of stock, so that you can stock up your inventory. If you type the Low Stock Notification value as 3, you will get a reminder mail when the number of products in your inventory reaches 3. For very high-demand products or items that take a long time to arrive, use a higher value to help avoid running out-of-stock.

Minimum Purchase Quantity

Optional: set a minimum number of products that can be bought by a shopper. The shopper will see this information in a box only when he has not placed an order equal to the Minimum Purchase Quantity.

Maximum Purchase Quantity

Optional: set a maximum number of products that can be bought by a shopper. The shopper will see this information in a box only when he has placed an order above the Maximum Purchase Quantity.

Availability Date

If the product is not yet in stock, specify the date you expect it to arrive.

Availability Box

Optional: You can use this box if you want to mention when your product will be available for pickup after placing an order. For example, you can mention "48 hours", "Now in Stock!", etc. The shopper will see this information along with the product details.

Availability Image

Optional: Select an image to be displayed such as "Now in Stock!"

{tab=Product Dimensions and Weight}

Product Length

Select the unit of length from the drop-down menu to the right side of Product Length box. For units, you may choose Centimeters, Millimeters, Yards, Foot, and Inches from the drop-down box.

Product Width

Type the width of the product in this box.

Product Height

Type the height of the product in this box

Product Weight

Type the weight of the product in this box. You can select the unit of weight from the drop-down menu to the right side of Product Weight box. You may choose Grams, Milligrams, Pounds, and Ounce.

Product Unit

The product information page says: "Number (blank) in packaging: " Insert a word into the (blank) here, i.e. "items" "garments" "shirts" "each" "pair" "unit" "piece" "dozen" "pack" etc.

Product Packaging

The product information page says: "Number (blank) in packaging: ###" Enter the number ### here. If one item is in the package, type a 1 here. Units in Box Number of items in box, i.e. Eggs sold in a carton - 12. Skip if not needed.

{tab=Product Images}

Search Images

To find any image, just type a space in Search Images and this will pull up a list of all your product images. You can also type the first letter of an image title to find an image.

File Published

Check the box to publish or uncheck the box to hide the image.

Displayed image title

What words do you want to appear when visitors put their cursor over the image?

Image Alt-Text

What words do you want a sight-impaired reader to hear to describe this image?

Used URL and Used thumb URL

Leave blank for VirtueMart to assign a URL to this image.


Choose "displayable" to allow customers to view the image only, or "downloadable" if you want them to be able to download the image. Storing location/type Product is filled in for you.

Upload File

To upload an image from your computer, click the BROWSE Button and select it from your personal computer. Then choose whether to upload, replace existing image or replace the existing thumbnail image. Click the top right SAVE Button to upload.

{tab=Custom Fields}

Related Categories

Type a space to display all categories or the first letters of the category

Related Products

Type a space to display all products or the first letters of the product

Custom Field Type

Custom Fields must be predefined via the Custom Fields menu. Select here the Custom field you want to add to your product, and press save. The defined paramters for the specific custom field are displayed.