Managing Currencies

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Managing Currencies

Currencies are managed in the currency list, which can be accessed through "Admin" ⇒ "List Currencies".

VirtueMart Administration: Currencies List

Figure 4.7. VirtueMart Administration: Currencies List


To add a new Currency, click "New" in the top of the list and fill out the fields in the Currency form.

VirtueMart Administration: Currency Form

Figure 4.8. VirtueMart Administration: Currency Form


Don't forget to save and the new currency is added to the list.

You can modify existing currencies. To do so, just click on the name of a currency in that list and a form opens and you can modify the properties of this currency. Again don't forget to save your changes.

To remove one or more currencies from the list, you should first always consider to just unpublish the currency. If you delete the currencies it can fast happen that your store may miss it for a product, calculation rule, or similar. But if you are really sure that you want to delete it, then either click on the "trash bin" icon in the last column of each row and confirm to remove the currency or select multiple currencies using the checkboxes and click on "Remove" in the toolbar.