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4.6.4. Product Variations and Attributes

Attributes are the characteristics of a product like Color, Size or Type.

VirtueMart knows two types of Attribute Setups, one which allows Stock Control for each Variant - you need to set up separate Products (called Items) - and one which just defines all attributes and attribute values directly at the Product (no need to add Products for each Attribute Combination, but no Stock Control for Variants).

Going back now to offering variations on a product: If you want to offer a fixed list of variations for your customer to choose from, rather than allowing them to pick and mix attributes as they please, you need to create some Items. Note: These are different from the content Items in Joomla! or Mambo itself. An item in VirtueMart is a pre-defined variation on the main product. In order to create an item, you have to set up at least one attribute first. Hence, it is only after you have added an attribute that the New Item toolbar button and its related menu option appear.

If you add Attributes to a Product, that Product becomes a Parent Product. After that you can add Child Products (called Items) each one having different Values for each Attribute.

Instead of managing Child Products for each Attribute Variation, you can add Attributes and all their possible Values to Products directly in their Product Form.