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4.6.6. Product Downloads, additional Images and Files

To add a new file, let's say an .mp3 file which is the file we want to sell, we just open the file form by clicking the "New" button in the toolbar of the file list.

VirtueMart Administration: File Form

Figure 4.47. VirtueMart Administration: File Form

You have the chance to upload a new file, which makes sense if you just upload a smaller image or product specsheet.


If you want to assign a bigger file (maybe a 8MB mp3 file) you need to upload the file using an FTP program into the directory you have specified for downloadable product files (see Configuration). After you have done this, you can select the file from the drop-down list in the file form.

VirtueMart allows to manage additional files and images for each product. The File Manager can be accessed from the Product List:

The image icon is the link to the file manager. The number behind the icon is the total number of all files assigned to this product.

The File List for a Product contains all files currently assigned to the product. Files can have different "roles" like "downloadable file (to be sold!)", "additional file" and "additional image".

Virtual Products can be sold with VirtueMart - you can specify Files, which are made available for download after a purchase has been successful.

Products can have one or more Files assigned to them as downloadable Product File.


downloadable Product Files and additional Files are two completely different Things. While additional Product Files can be downloaded at any time while being published, downloadable Product Files can only be downloaded after the Product has been purchased and the Order Status has been changed to that Order Status which enables Downloads.

You can have as many Images and Files for a Product as you need. To specify a new Image or File, you need to access the File Manager for that Product (from the Product List, Column Media).

Additional Images are either shown on the Product Details Page or on a separate Images Page (Amazon-like) - that depends on your "Flypage Template".

Additional Files can be Product Specs, PDF Flyers or other Materials you want to give to the Customer to give better Information about the Product. The List of available Files is shown on the Product Details Page.