Edit Coupon

Written by Valérie Isaksen. Posted in Orders & Shoppers Menu

{tab=Coupon Details}

Allows your customers to redeem coupons or gift vouchers by entering a code into a box that appears during checkout.


Give a name to your coupon that will help you remember its purpose. Example: Christmas Special, Valentine's Day Discount, etc.


How much of a discount the coupon will give. Can be either percent or this amount off the price, determined by the next item.

Percent or Total

Choose whether the number in the previous box is a percent or a fixed discount from the original price. If Value is 10.00, choose percent for the coupon to be10% off or Total for the coupon to be $10.00 off.

Coupon Type

Select the type of your coupon. A gift coupon is deleted after it is used for discounting an order one time, whereas a permanent coupon can be used as often as the shopper wants to.

Minimum Total Order

To require a minimum order, type in this box the smallest purchase you will accept by a shopper to use the coupon.

Coupon Start Date

The date from which the coupon can be used.

Coupon Expiry Date

The date after which the coupon cannot be used.