Edit Order

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Details of the order.

The header "Filter name" allows to jump directly back to the orders list and search for the next order.

The order edit view is splitted mainly in 5 parts.

  1. General order information (order number, order status,...)
  2. Selected payment and shipment methods
  3. Customer information (Bill-to and ship-to address)
  4. Order items and calculations
  5. Detailed shipment and payment information of the plugins

Edit order

Editing an order is splitted in 3 parts. You can either edit the order head, the order status, or the order items respectivly order total. Most time it is enough to use one of them. It is just important to mention, that an edited order head wont get stored using the "update order status" or the save button of "edit order items". In rare cases you may have to change the address and send a new invoice by using "update orderstatus". Important: A new invoice is automatically created, when the order is set to an order status demanding an invoice (usually the order status C, "Confirmed") and

  • no invoice found, but order status demands an invoice
  • the data changed, which created the old invoice.
and when the "Lock creation of new invoice" is not set.

Update orderstatus

Updating the order status in the order edit view is used in different situations.

  1. after manual checking of the order, you want to confirm, refund, cancel the order directly
  2. You had to edit the customer address and want to send a new invoice to the customer
  3. You had to edit the order items and want to send a new invoice to the customer

Edit order items

Use the button "Edit ordered products" to open the order item edit form.

The calculator recalculates by given values the missing ones. You can set the discount by just writing the amount into the fields. The tax is now selected by the dropdown.

When you add a new order item, just enter the product sku or id and store the order item edit. The product values are then automatically loaded. You can also enter a custom shaped product for your customer, as you need it. The creation of the invoice should be locked now, this should prevent that either a customer gets an invoice of an half way edited order and also that the editor creates accidently not correct orders. After you did the order editing, check if any values are correct and then use the "Update orderstatus" to unlock the invoice creation, create a new invoice and automatically send it to the customer.