Edit Shopper Group

Written by Valérie Isaksen. Posted in Orders & Shoppers Menu

{tab=Shopper Group Details}

If you sell to groups of customers such as wholesalers, employees, family etc. you can display special pricing, shipping or payment methods for these groups.

Shopper Group Name

Give a unique name to your shopper group.

Published Radio Button

Select NO to hide or YES to be visible to customers.

Shopper Group Description

A short description about the shopper group.

Show Following Prices

Enable shopper group specific price display. Check the box to publish, or un-check the box to hide a specific price display for this group.

Show Following Prices - Show Prices

Check to show prices. If using catalogue functionality, some don't want prices to appear on pages.

Show Following Prices

How do you want prices to display to members of this group? You must check both ENABLE SHOPPER GROUP SPECIFIC PRICE DISPLAY and SHOW PRICES.