Edit Product Category

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Before you add your products, first create a Product Category for it. This is like a department in a store, so it is easier for customers to find the product.

Product Category Form

Category Name Box

The name you want to display in the Categories box in your store.

Published Radio Button.

Select NO to hide or YES to be visible to customers. Be aware that you can still use unpublished categories in the backend, for example for calculation rules.

Sef Alias Box

Search engine friendly or human readable addresses, i.e. real words instead of numbers and a jumble of code.
EXAMPLE: yourstore.com/fruits for a fruits category.

Description Box

Describe exactly what kinds of products are in this category so the customer can understand quickly. It's easy to get writer's block here, so use stores you have already purchased from as an example of what to write.

Details Section

Specify the category and sub-category where you want this product to display. Optionally specify how many products per row.