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Product Information

Product Information Section

Must select YES for Published or the product will NOT appear in your store, and must enter a Product Name. All other items are optional or will be filled in for you by VirtueMart.

Product Pricing Section

Enter the Cost Price (price the customer will pay) and optionally select the currency. The other two items (Base price and final price) are calculated by VirtueMart.
Pricing Rules Overrides Leave blank if the item is non-taxable. If the item is taxable, select "Apply default rules" or select a tax rule you have created in PRODUCTS - Taxes & Calculation Rules.

  • Cost Price: your product price in the currency listed
  • Base Price: is the cost price converted into the vendor currency.  If you are only dealing with one currency, then this is the same as the Cost Price.
  • Final Price: is the Base Price with any additional rules/margins/etc applied.
  • Override: if you wish to temporarily add a discount to a product, click on the checkbox
  • Tax: Apply your default tax rules, no tax rules, or a specific tax rule. The taxes listed are defined in Taxes & Calculation Rules 
  • Discount Type: Apply your default discount rules or no discount rules, as configured in your “Taxes & Calculation Rules” in the left hand sidebar.

Parent & Child Products Section

Coming soon.

Internal Note Section

Write a note to other administrators or yourself which will not be seen by customers.