Edit Taxes & Calculation Rules

Written by Valérie Isaksen. Posted in Products Menu

You will create a tax for rule for each tax that you are required to collect, then as you create each product the tax will appear as an option for you to select. You can also use this to create discounts for groups such as employees or wholesale customers.

{tab=Tax & Calculation Rule Details}

Calculation Rule Name

Enter a descriptive name for the tax, so you and customers can understand it.

Published and Ordering

Select NO to hide the tax or YES to show it. If you have multiple taxes, enter a 1 for this tax to appear first, 2 to appear second, etc.


A longer description of the tax or discount to appear in your Admin.

Type of Arithmetic Operation

Select the type of tax you are required to collect OR discount you will give. Choices are:

  • tax per product,
  • price modifier before or after tax,
  • tax per bill,
  • price modifier before or after tax per bill.

Consult your accountant or lawyer or taxing authority if you are unsure. Otherwise, select tax per product.


The amount of the tax, expressed as a percentage. Example, 6.25 means 6.25%.

Product Category and Shopper Groups

If you will only charge this tax OR give this discount to certain product categories or shopper groups, select them here.

Country and State/Province/Region

First begin typing your country name to select your country, then repeat for state/province and/or region.

Visible for shopper and visible for vendor

Select NO to hide or YES to be visible.

Start Date and End Date

The system will fill in today's date and "Never" unless you change it.