Edit Payment Method

Written by Valérie Isaksen. Posted in Shop Menu

 All the payment methods available are listed in the parameter Payment Method.
The steps to create a new payment method are:

In the "Payment Method Information" tab

  1. In the Payment Name field enter the name of your payment
  2. Set the Published radio button to Yes
  3. In dropdown Payment Method select  the payment method you whish to create
  4. In the top right toolbar, click Save. This step will load the configuration parameters of the payment method you just created.
  5. Go on the Configuration tab, and configure the payment method.

Payment Information

Payment Name

Give a unique name to your payment method. This name will appear in your checkout page.


Must select YES for Published or this method will NOT appear in your store.

Payment Description

This explanation will appear in the checkout page so your customer can understand the choice(s).

Payment Method

In the drop-down list, all available payment methods are listed.

Select the correct payment method.

Shopper Group

If you payment method is available for all shopper groups, DO NOT SELECT any shopper group.

If you wish to restrict a payment method to a specific shopper group, click in the box to display the drop-down menu and select it. This method to be available only to that group. 

List Order

If you use multiple payment methods, put a 1 for this method to appear first, 2 to appear second, etc. Click the SAVE Button before moving onto the Configuration Tab so VirtueMart knows what configuration settings to show you.

After configuring your payment, click the Save button.