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Shop Name

The name of this website.

Shop Company Name

The name of the company that runs this website.


This will be filled in for you, do not change it!

Minimum purchase order value for your shop If you want to refuse small purchases and force customers to purchase more than a minimum amount, enter the amount here.


Select your main currency from the drop-down list. List of accepted currencies

Click in the box to display a drop-down list of all currencies to select from. Click the X on a currency to delete it.

Vendor Information - Images

Type a space to see a list of all images, or the red X on the image to delete it. Click the bottom right icon on the image to edit the image information. If your media won't upload, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check to see that the long links say "WRITEABLE." If not, use cPanel's FILE MANAGER to change the "Write Permissions" on the folders listed to 755 (on some hosts 777).

File Published?

Check the box to publish or uncheck the box to hide the media.

Unique Filename

A unique "alias" or name for the media.

Displayed Image Title

What words do you want to appear when visitors put their cursor over the image?

Image Alt-Text

What words do you want a sight-impaired reader to hear to describe this image?

Used URL

Leave blank for VirtueMart to assign a URL to this media.

Used Thumb URL

Leave blank for VirtueMart to assign a URL to this media.


Choose "displayable" to allow customers to view the media only, or "downloadable" if you want them to be able to download the media.

Storing location/type

Category is filled in for you.

Upload File

To upload an image from your computer, click the BROWSE Button and select it from your personal computer. Then choose whether to upload, replace existing image or replace the existing thumbnail image. IMPORTANT: If you do not select the UPLOAD radio button, the image will not upload. Click the top right SAVE Button to upload.


A description for the home page, sometimes called the "Home Page Welcome" text. Type the text like typing an email. Use the buttons at the bottom of the editor as follows:

Terms of Service

If you require customers to read and accept the Terms of Service (turn TOS ON or OFF in CONFIGURATION - Configuration - Checkout Tab - Terms of Service), type or edit the text here.

Legal Information

Delete the sample text and insert your own disclaimers, copyright or other information here.