VirtueMart is a fully featured and open-source ecommerce system. Integrating with Joomla, we believe it provides one of the most powerful selling platforms available for free today.

Thousands of Global stores use VirtueMart and have done so successfully for many years - Whether you are already a user or new to VirtueMart, our documentation should help you understand the basics and some of the really great features that often get overlooked.

Extensible Features

VirtueMart offers a multitude of features for free. For those requiring something specific there are wide range of  Plugins, Components, Templates and Modules to meet you needs.  You can see some of them in our Extensions site.

vm documentation

General concepts

New to Virtuemart, take a look at some of the general concepts before you dive in deeper.

vm admin

VirtueMart Manuals

Learn the purpose of the VirtueMart component menus.
Decide how you should setup your store ready for trading.

vm tutorials

VirtueMart Tutorials

A great place to start if you want to learn more, before diving into configurations.
Also useful for updating your overall knowledge of VirtueMart.

vm faq

VirtueMart FAQ

The best place for answers is in the Virtuemart forums. We have gathered a few top questions and answered them here.

vm api

VirtueMart API

Need something more technical.
Our API doc site may be what you are looking for.