VirtueMart Payment Standard  can  be used for any kind of manual payments such as

  • cash on delivery
  • check payments

and also for quotes.

It can also be used for testing the checkout before you have added an actual payment methods.


If you have uploaded a small image to display on payment methods, select it here.


If you want this payment method to be visible only to customers in certain countries, select the countries from the drop-down list. Otherwise, leave blank.

Accepted Currency

If you want this payment method to be available only if customers use a specific currency, select the currency from the drop-down list. Otherwise, leave at "Default Vendor Currency."

Order Status for Pending transactions

From this drop-down list you can select the status of the order be set when the order is submitted.

Minimum Amount and Maximum Amount

If you want this payment method to appear only if a customer's order is above and/or below a certain amount, enter the minimum and/or maximums here.

Fee per transaction

If you want to charge a flat payment fee for each transaction (example $5.00 per order), enter the amount here. Example 5.00 will add a $5.00 transaction fee.

Fee or cashback in percent of the total amount.

If you want to charge a payment fee based on the total amount (example: 1% payment fee), and it is legal for you to do so, enter the percent amount here. Example: 1 will add a 1% payment fee to the total amount (Pay attention to your rounding settings). If you want to use it for a cashback and enter for example -1, you will also need to configure a language override for the word "fee".


If you are required by your taxing authority to pay tax on payment transaction fees, select the tax here. Otherwise, leave at "Apply no rule."

Payment Info

Enter a message to display with the order, example "Thank you for your order! We normally ship within 24 hours...."