VirtueMart provides a standard shipment plugin on installation, this provides some flexible shipping rules to meet a store owners needs.

The standard shipment plugin has a number of rules that determine if the shipping method is applicable to the cart. A flat fee and package fee can be charged.  Along with an optional cart value for which this shipment method will be free.

Other configuration options.

  • cart - amount value range
  • shopper - shoppergroups
  • product categories in cart - blocking or qualifying
  • cart - weight range
  • shopper - address zip range
  • shopper - countries - blocking or qualifying
  • cart - number of products range

Shipment method list

A list of Shipment methods in your system.

You can clone an existing shipment method using the check box and clone button

shipment shipment method list screen

Shipment method list columns explained

Sort the Shipment method list

Sort the Shipment method list by clicking the sortable column header. Multiple clicks will sort ascending vs descending priority.

Check box

Can be used to select single or multiple Shipment methods, the effect depends on the function chosen.

Shipment method Name

The name used in your system for this Shipment method this will be shown to shoppers.

Shipment description

A text description for use by administrators.

Shopper groups

Shopper groups assigned to this shipment method. The Shipment method is only applicable to shoppers in these shoppergroups

List order

The sequence in which this shipment method will appear in the cart.

If you have multiple shipment plugins the list order only function for methods of the same plugin. Note: For multiple plugins the order is: Joomla shipment plugin sequence - > plugin method list order


The Shipment method published state.


The virtuemart_shipmentmethod_id - unique ID of the Shipment method.

VirtueMart shipment - additional plugins

If the free VirtueMart shipment plugin does not meet your needs - there are numerous shipment plugins available to extend your store.

The extensions website offers many more shipments methods: