Before you add your products, first create a Product Category for them. This is logical grouping of products in your store.

Products can be in multiple Categories, this make it easier for you when creating categories (because you have more flexibility) and easier for your customers to find what they are looking for when browsing your store.

product category tabs

The tabs you see when editing a product category, along with a description of the fields and their purpose, are shown below.  Click on the relevant tab for details.

{tab Product Category Form}

categories category edit form screen

General informations

Category Name

The name you want to display in the Categories box in your store.

Published Radio Button.

Check or Uncheck to show this category to shoppers.

Unpublished categories are still valid for control/dummy puroposes.

Sef Alias

Search engine friendly URL.

This will auto generate from your category name - change here as required.


Category ordering

Which category will this follow in you category hierarchy.

Parent category

The parent category for this category - If there is none - then this is a "Top Level Category"

Category pagination sequence

Generally leave empty and the default store setting will be used.

This will create X items per page - with a Next/Previous link

Initial number of listed items

Generally leave empty and the default store setting will be used.

The inital number of items to display in this category.

Specify the category and sub-category where you want this product to display. Optionally specify how many products per row.

Meta information

These fields control the site meta information for this category, unless overriden by Joomla menus

You should familiarise yourself with these concepts before you start your VirtueMart store just search SEO on the web for a more detailed description.


A description of this category for you shoppers. Consider what you want to say about the products that appear in this category.

A good description can make a lot of difference - images and links can be included to enhance this further.

{tab Product Category view settings}

categories category edit view screen


Items per row


Shopfront settings - show

store / category description


Children category

Products of the selected category



Top ten products



Template and Layouts

Category template

Category layout

Sublayouts for products in this category

Product Layout

{tab Images}

Images are used when this category is shown in VirtueMart views.  They can be managed and uploaded here for this category.

categories category edit image screen

Images search for an existing

A single image can be used for multiple categories.

To select an image already uploaded to your website, use a space to see all images OR begin typing a filename and results will appear.

Click the image to use from those displayed or search again.

categories category edit image search screen

Image Information

File Published

Check the box to publish or uncheck the box to hide the image.

Unique Filename

A unique "alias" or name for the image.

Displayed Image Title

What words do you want to appear when visitors put their cursor over the image?

Image Alt-Text

What words do you want a sight-impaired reader to hear to describe this image?

Used URL

Leave blank for VirtueMart to assign an URL to this image.

Used Thumb URL

Leave blank for VirtueMart to assign an URL to this image.


Choose "displayable" to allow customers to view the image only, or "downloadable" if you want them to be able to download the image.

Storing Location/Type

Category is default and is completed for you.

Images Upload A new one

To upload an image from your computer,click BROWSE and select it from you local images.

Choose whether to upload, replace existing image or replace the existing thumbnail image.

Click the top right SAVE to upload.

Note: Your image will not upload if you do not click UPLOAD