Klarna Checkout is free and include native in VirtueMartKlarna is the Nordic region’s most popular payment method, with the payment solution Klarna
Checkout available in Sweden, Norway and Finland ­ allowing merchants to provide their end
customers with several payment methods from only one payment provider. Klarna Checkout
offers payment methods such as invoice, part payment, credit card and direct bank transfer.
Klarna Checkout allows you as a merchant to increase your sales by offering your customers
several payment methods. In an agreement with Klarna, we will also take the risk, where you as
a merchant always get paid.

This integration has been developed through a partner agreement between Klarna and
Issues or questions related to payment processes, order handling or administrational tasks in
our web interface Klarna Online are owned by Klarna.
Technical issues occurring in the payment gateway in Virtuemart, are handled by Virtuemart with
guidelines provided by Klarna. If you are unsure about the issues that you encounter, contact
your Klarna Integration department.

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