{article Payment Method Information}{text}{/article}

Upgrade your PayPal Business account to a Pro account

Before configuring the payment method in VirtueMart, you need to upgrade your PayPal Business account to a Business-Pro.

{article Upgrade Business account to PRO}{readmore:Upgrading your Business account to PRO in details}{/article}

Configuration of PayPal Hosted Pro

Basic Parameters

PayPal product

Select Hosted Pro

Shop Mode

{article shop mode}{text} {/article}

PayPal Credentials

Get PayPal Sandbox Credentials

{article Get PayPal Sandbox Credentials}{text}{/article}

Sandbox API Username

{article Sandbox API Username}{text}{/article}

Sandbox API Password

{article Sandbox API Password}{text}{/article}


{article Authentication}{text}{/article}

Sandbox API Signature

{article Sandbox API Signature}{text}{/article}

Sandbox API Certificate

{article Sandbox API Certificate}{text}{/article}

Payflow vendor

{article Payflow vendor}{text}{/article}

{article Testing with the Payflow gateway}{readmore}{/article}

Sandbox Payflow partner

{article Sandbox Payflow partner}{text}{/article}

PayPal settings

Let buyers override their PayPal addresses?

{article Buyers override PayPal Address}{text}{/article}

Prompt buyers for a shipping address

{article 123}{text}{/article}

Payment action

{article Payment action}{text}{/article}

Order status

Pending transactions

{article Pending transactions}{text}{/article}

Successful transactions

{article Successful transactions}{text}{/article}

Successful status restriction via IPN

{article Successful status restriction via IPN}{text}{/article}

Cancel transactions

{article Cancel transactions}{text}{/article}

Capture Payment

{article Capture Payment}{text}{/article}

Refunded transactions

{article Refunded transactions}{text}{/article}

Partial Refunded transactions

{article Partial Refunded transactions}{text}{/article}

Optional Parameters



{article 131}{text}{/article}

Minimum Amount

{article Minimum Amount}{text}{/article}

Maximum Amount

{article Maximum Amount}{text}{/article}

Payment publish start

{article Payment publish start}{text}{/article}

Payment publish end

{article Payment publish end}{text}{/article}


Payment Currency

{article Payment Currency}{text}{/article}

Email Currency

{article Email Currency}{text}{/article}


Discount per transaction

{article Discount per transaction}{text}{/article}

Percent of the total product amount

{article Percent of the total product amount}{text}{/article}


{article Tax}{text}{/article}


Logo Image


PayPal page header image



{article Template Hosted Pro}{text}{/article}


Log debug in file