Written by Max Milbers. Posted in Concepts

Default Shoppergroups

All shoppers in VirtueMart are assigned to a shoppergroup. There are two default shoppergroups, it is possible to edit the name, but both must exist and be published for VirtueMart to function correctly.

Users without an account or who have not logged in are considered to be members of the "guest" shoppergroup. It is  possible to dynamically assign "guests"  to other shoppergropus (by 3rd party plugins).

Logged in users who have not been changed to another shoppergroup (either dynamically or by using the administration feature in Virtuemart) are assigned to the "default" shoppergroup.

Additional shoppergroups

Many store owners require a greater differentiation of shoppers, VirtueMart shoppergroups enable you to achieve this.  You can add additional shoppergroups and assign your registered shoppers to the relevant shoppergroups. Note: You do not need to assign registered shoppers to the default shopper group.

Benefits of using shoppergroups

Shoppergroups are more than just a logical grouping of shoppers they can be used to control many aspects of their interaction with your store.

As you configure your store you will see options to select a "Shopper group" this enables you to restrict/include a feature for specific shopper group/s, examples are:-

  • Calculation rules (discounts, taxes)
  • Products (only members of the shoppergroup are allowed to see the product)
  • Product prices
  • Shipping and Payment methods
  • Price elements to display