VirtueMart 3.2.6 introduced a redirect from Joomla registration to VirtueMart registration.

VirtueMart is now redirecting the user registration to VirtueMart by default.
For most shops, VirtueMart registration is the preferred way to register a customer.

Using VirtueMart registration has an advantage for many, automatic spam registration via Joomla registration will stop (since it is not accessible anymore). Bots have difficulties completing the VirtueMart registration form correctly and, in most cases, the validation will fail. Unwanted registrations will be kept to a minimum.

In most cases this redirect behaviour is the best option. If this does not suit your needs, you can disable this redirect in the system plugin VirtueMart System Plugin.

To use the default Joomla registration

    • Enter VirtueMart System Plugin in Joomla plugin manager.
    • Enable the plugin (by default it should be already enabled).
    • Go to the "Registration Redirect" tab.
    • Set "Enable VM Registration Redirect" option to "No".
    • Save and exit.

Your registration process will no longer be, automatically, redirected to Virtuemart registration.