• VirtueMart 3.6.0 is now available!

    DOWNLOAD VM 3.6 NOW VirtueMart 3.6 component (core and AIO) More than 10000 commits later With this version VirtueMart has exceeded the 10 000 code commits mark and approximately 150 commits have been integrated into VirtueMart since we released the last stable version of VirtueMart 3.4.x a while ago. In the meantime we have released some development and release candidate versions. Among the many improvements and small bug fixes, here are some of the more noteworthy changes: For Shop Owners Enhancing...

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--- version 1.5.0 released ---

- changed the way errors are displayed (+nice styling).
- added support for *symbolic links*. You can create and delete links, but not change the target. You will have to create a new link to do so.

- joomlaXplorer is an FTP client now! - added PEAR'S Net_FTP package to allow local FTP access/transactions

- changed Archiving Section to ajax-based step-by-step system to prevent time-outs
- added PEAR Package File_Archive to allow better archive handling
- changed file links in the directory list to "Edit" or "Download"
- added a simple file-based bookmark system
- changed the download function to allow larger downloads (100MB+)
- replaced hardcoded english strings with new variables (thanks to Paulino Michelazzo!)

--- version 1.4.0 released ---


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Virtuemart now. I had toyed around with Virtuemart earlier in 2008 and it is amazing at the difference between there and now. You people are doing great work!

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