• Virtuemart 3.4 prepare for the future

    This release is now ready for all our VirtueMart users. Due to the wide ranging changes we have made to underlying core functions and the removal of old VirtueMart and Joomla compatibility (which was weighing things down and slowing future developments), we have taken more time putting this release together than usual. Initial feedback from our beta testers has shown us that it has been worth the extra effort and time that it took. Here are some highlights:- Improved core - VirtueMart core now...

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To reduce the amount of files copied by Mambo's installer (which is done by the XML Library, miniXML or DOMIT!), we have to pack all subdirectories and the files within into archives.


Build a tar.gz - file called admin_files.tar.gz, containing the subdirectories classes, help, html, languages (and optional: sql) and all files/directories within that subdirectories (maintaining the directory structure).


Build a tar.gz - file called frontend_files.tar.gz containing the following files / directories:

* phpshop.php
* phpshop_parser.php
* show_image_in_imgtag.php
* /shop_image/ (and everything within)
* /js/ (and everything within)


Build the final tar.gz - file (called whatever you like, I use the syntax: com_phpShop_x.x.tar.gz), containing the rest of the files in the root (all not mentioned above) AND both archives (admin_files.tar.gz and frontend_files.tar.gz).

The file you created now is ready for installation with Mambo 4.5.0 AND 4.5.1. 


In the last 4 months has improved greatly and is stable, there are many new and interesting extensions that enhance its functionality. Congratulations to the team. 
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