Multi Currencies

VirtueMart provides a multi currency system. To keep it structured, the prices are first  converted into the shop currency and then back to the displayed currency.


  • Create your "own" currencies. For example gold, bitcoins, or similar.
  • Create additional currencies with a fixed exchange rate to calculate with your costprice (in Dollar Jan2013) to your baseprice (Euro).
  • Adjust the displayed format for any currency.

Dynamic rates

To use the dynamical rates, set the currency rate to 0. Make sure that the desired currency is listed in your dynamic exchange rate xml.

You can adjust your bank editing the URL set on top of the file (uses this file \administrator\components\com_virtuemart\plugins\currency_converter\convertECB.php) 

Removing Currencies

It is recommended to unpublish a currency, rather then deleting it.

If the currency is deleted,  your store may have problems with existing calculation rules that depend on it.

Currencies List

A list of Currencies in your system.

The Filter searches the currency name.

currencies currency list

Currency Columns Explained

Sort The Currency List

Sort the Curency list by clicking the sortable column header. Multiple clicks will sort ascending vs descending priority.

Check Box

Can be used to select single or multiple Currencies, the effect depends on the function chosen.


The name of the currency in your system.  For admin reference.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate being used.

Currency symbol

The currency symobol to be displayed in your store for this currency.

Code 3 letters/Numeric

 ISO 4217 standard currency code. Used for the dynamic rates and by the payment plugins.


The Country published state.

If you do not want to ship to some countries unpublish them, and the country will not be displayed in the country list when entering the Billing or Shipping address.


The virtuemart_currency_id - unique ID of the currency.

Modifying existing Currencies

Click on the name of a currency in the list to edit the properties of this currency.