PayPal StandardWith PayPal Express Checkout, your customers can complete transactions in very few steps. It lets them also to use the billing and shipping information stored at PayPal for the checkout. With PayPal Express Checkout, payments by credit card or from a PayPal account are accepted.

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Configuration of PayPal Express Checkout

Basic Parameters

PayPal product

Select Express Checkout

Shop Mode

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PayPal Credentials

Get PayPal Sandbox Credentials

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Sandbox API Username

{article Sandbox API Username}{text}{/article}

Sandbox API Password

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Sandbox API Signature

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Sandbox API Certificate

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Do you have a business account?

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Sandbox Merchant Email

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PayPal settings

Let buyers override their PayPal addresses?

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Prompt buyers for a shipping address

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Payment action

{article Payment action}{text}{/article}

Order status

Pending transactions

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Successful transactions

{article Successful transactions}{text}{/article}

Cancel transactions

{article Cancel transactions}{text}{/article}

Capture Payment

{article Capture Payment}{text}{/article}

Refunded transactions

{article Refunded transactions}{text}{/article}

Partial Refunded transactions

{article Partial Refunded transactions}{text}{/article}

Optional Parameters



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Minimum Amount

{article Minimum Amount}{text}{/article}

Maximum Amount

{article Maximum Amount}{text}{/article}

Payment publish start

{article Payment publish start}{text}{/article}

Payment publish end

{article Payment publish end}{text}{/article}


Payment Currency

{article Payment Currency}{text}{/article}

Email Currency

{article Email Currency}{text}{/article}


Discount per transaction

{article Discount per transaction}{text}{/article}

Percent of the total product amount

{article Percent of the total product amount}{text}{/article}


{article Tax}{text}{/article}


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