During the process flow of an order within your store it will potentially move through a number of statuses.  These can be automatically assigned (via plugins - e.g. payment) or set manually via administration screens.

Some status are fixed and cannot be removed (to facilitate basic core system processing).

Order Status edit

This is the screen you see when editing an order status, the description of the fields and their purpose are shown below.

order statuses edit

Order Status Name

This field holds a language variable that will be converted on display and printing to the language of your site/shopper.

Shoppers will see the translated title - The best way to manage this is to use Joomla language overrides. If you decide to type the text in this field no language will be considered.

If this is a new field and you want a translatable value, you must create a unique language varaible in this field and add it to the front and backend Joomla language override files along with the user readable text.

Stock handling

If you do not handle stock for your items within VirtueMart - this setting is not relevant for your business and can be left at the default value.

If you have stock handling configured within your store and are using VirtueMart to handle this - order statuses will impact the "movement" of stock values. 

Quantity of stock for an item will be adjusted based on the order status that is set for the items within an order.

There are 3 options:

  • Is available - the quantity of stock for the item is either returned to available inventory or, is not removed from available inventory.
  • Is reserved - the quantity of stock for the items is reserved and not available for purchase - the quantity is not removed from you overall stock total
  • Is removed - the quantity of stock for the items is removed from you overall stock total

Order status color

If set, this will highlight the order status in the order listing - making it easier for you to identify specific status types at a glance.

Select a color if required

Order status code

Values A-Z can be used (Some are already configured in core VirtueMart cannot be removed.

The user will not see this status as the text will be translated - however this code is useful in some technical configuration tasks


Preferably left empty by default.

Descriptive text will show if you templates are set to display tooltips for your users. This is in the language you type and is not translated.


This will be the store vendor - if there is more than one vendor you can select from the drop down list allow only specified vendors to use this status.


The sequence in which this method will appear in the administration order status drop down listing.