Manufacturers are associated with products, providing web site, contact, and descriptive information. Each product that is created can be associated with a Manufacturer.

For stores where manufacturer information is not necessarily relevant, you do not neeed to create them.

It is not necessary to create manufacturers prior to creating your catalog. Products can be re-associated to manufacturers after all the product records have been created. However, creating the manufacturers first can save a lot of extra work if you already know that you will be using this information.

A list of Manufacturers in your system.

The Filter searches the Manufacturer Name and email.

manufacturer manufacturer list screen

Manufacturer list columns explained

Sort the Manufacturer list

Sort the Manufacturer list by clicking the sortable column header. Multiple clicks will sort ascending vs descending priority.

Check box

Can be used to select single or multiple Manufacturers, the effect depends on the function chosen.

Manufacturer Name

The name used in your system for this Manufacturer.

Manufacturer Email

The email address you have saed for this manufacturer.


A text description for use by administrators.

Manufacturer categroy

The manufacturer category if this manufacturer is assigned to a manufacturer category.

Type of Arithmetic Operation

Manufacturer URL

The URL for the manufacturer


The Manufacturer published state.


The virtuemart_manufacturer_id - unique ID of the Manufacturer.