Order Statuses

Order statuses are used to control and automate some of the checkout and order management workflow of your VirtueMart store.

Order statuses can be set by

  • Payment plugins
  • Shipment plugins
  • Manual order updates
  • Third party plugins

Order statuses can control

  • Stock movement - Order status config
  • Order list display color - Order status config
  • Vendor email - Configuration - Orders tab
  • Customer email - Configuration - Orders tab
  • Email attachment - Configuration - Orders tab
  • Invoice creation - Configuration - Orders tab
  • Coupon deletion - Configuration - Shopfront tab
  • Customer review allowed - Configuration - Shopfront tab
  • Payment refund - determined by payment plugin.

VirtueMart has pre-confgured order statuses

The pre-configured statuses are:

  • C - Confirmed
  • D - Denied
  • F - Completed
  • P - Pending - LOCKED
  • R - Refunded
  • S - Shipped - LOCKED
  • U - Confirmed by Shopper
  • X - Cancelled - LOCKED

Order statuses list

A list of order statuses in your system - as well as basic Order Status information - this screen shows associated configurations from the VirtueMart configuration settings.

oreder statuses list

Order statuses list columns explained

Sort the order status list

Sort the Shipment method list by clicking the sortable column header. Multiple clicks will sort ascending vs descending priority.

Check box

Can be used to select single or multiple methods, the effect depends on the function chosen.


The name used in your system for this order status this will be shown to shoppers on emails and invoices.

Next to the name is the Joomla Language variable for this status e.g. (COM_VIRTUEMART_ORDER_STATUS_CONFIRMED).

Order status code

The code assigned to this status A-Z.


Indicators to show if this status will generate an email.


Indicator to show if this status will generate an invoice.

Stock handling

The effect of this status will have on stock.


Does this status attempt a payment refund.

Delivery date

Indicators to show if this sets a delivery date.


The published state - if not published, this status is not available.


The sequence these statuses will appear in selection listings - they can be set here and saved - sequence is from low to high number.


The virtuemart_order_status_id - unique ID.