Before creating shoppergroups please review this article VM Shopper Groups

Shopper group screen

The screen you see when editing a shoppergroup along with a description of the fields and their purpose is shown below.

{tab Shopper Group Details}

shoppergroups shoppergroup edit screen

Shopper group details

Shopper Group Name

The Shopper group name that will display within your system. Appears on all shoppergroup selections.


Controls whether this shoppergroup is available for use within the system or not.

Shopper Group Description

A brief description to help operators understand the use of the shopper group.

Additional Shoppergroup

Leave unchecked.

Show Following Prices

Enable shoppergroup specific price display

This is usuallly left unchecked so that all shoppers see the same pricing display based on the VirtueMart main Configuration settings.

Check if you want to display prices differently for shoppers in this shopper group.

You will see a list of VirtueMart pricing elements and their display options which can be set.