PayPal StandardPayPal Standard is the basic PayPal payment solution. It is an easy solution, to start selling with your website. It is free to open an account on PayPal, and PayPal charges a fee for every transaction which varies from country to country.

Sign In for PayPal Standard

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You can use PayPal Payments Standard in any country where PayPal is accepted.

Configuration of PayPal Standard

Basic Parameters

PayPal product

Select Payment Standard

Shop Mode

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PayPal Credentials

Get PayPal Sandbox Credentials

Click on the link Get PayPal Sandbox Credentials. A popup will open to connect to the PayPal Developer Website

Sandbox Merchant Email

Enter your Sandbox Merchant Email you have created via the PayPal Developer website.

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PayPal settings

Let buyers override their PayPal addresses?

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Prompt buyers for a shipping address

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Payment type

Two options are available:

  • Normal: Display only one item (which is the order number) and total amount are displayed on the PayPal payment page
  • Shopping cart: The detail of all items are displayed on the PayPal payment page

Payment Type Normal Payment Type Shopping Cart

Payment action

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Order status

Pending transactions

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Successful transactions

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Successful status restriction via IPN

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Cancelled transactions

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Capture Payment

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Refunded transactions

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Partial Refunded transactions

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Optional Parameters



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Minimum Amount

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Maximum Amount

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Payment publish start

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Payment publish end

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Payment Currency

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Email Currency

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Discount per transaction

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Percent of the total product amount

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Logo Image


PayPal page header image


Border Color

Click on the input text to display the color picker, and select the border color

Templating Paypal Payment form


Log debug in file