A list of all the coupons in your system.

The Filter searches the coupon code.

coupons coupon list screen

Coupon list columns explained

Sort the coupon list

Sort the coupon list by clicking the sortable column header. Multiple clicks will sort ascending vs descending priority.

Check box

Can be used to select single or multiple coupons, the effect depends on the function chosen.

Coupon Code

The code to be used in checkout for this coupon.

Percent or Total

The discount type of the coupon. Coupons are either a fixed value or a percentage of the order total.

Coupon Type

Permanent or Gift - Gift is a one use only coupon.


The value of discount either fixed amount showing currency symbol or percentage showing %.

Minimum Order Total

The cart total required before this coupon can be used.

Coupon used

Shows if a Gift coupon has been accepted on an order.

Start date

The coupon is accepted from this date.

End date

The coupon is not accepted after this date.


The coupon published state - if not published, the coupon is not available in the store.


The virtuemart_coupon_id - unique ID of the coupon.